The was my team's project for the 2014 Cardinal Health Codefest. None of us had much experience with anything at the time, so it was largely a learning experience.

Check out the code here. Below is the README we wrote.

MedZapp - Data Centralization and Client Communication

MedZapp is a comprehensive healthcare database that efficiently handles who can access a patient's data and optionally allows the patient to connect anonymously with other people with similar conditions.


Contains the following tables: - loginData username, password, uID (user ID number), anon (boolean), doctor (boolean) - permissions uID, category (type of contition), pID (patient ID number) - medicalHistory uID, category, name (name of condition), date, description - messages postCount, threadID, uID, content (of the message) - threads threadID, uID, partnerID


This is NOT ready for deployment. It currently does not utilize data sanitation or encryption of any kind (aside from SSL). These and other security measures will be incorporated later.