Kettering Health Network Light Dome


The light dome is a unique device that was conceived by occupational therapists at Kettering Health Network in Dayton, OH to serve as a clinical vision assessment and treatment device for patients with neurological conditions resulting in visual deficits. The device is a concave shape with two forms of patient input, either through multiple LED push buttons or a single push button. The data collected allows clinicians to test a patient’s full visual fields and reaction time while providing objective data which can be used to track a patient’s progress throughout a course of treatment. The device also serves as a treatment tool used by occupational therapists to improve their patients’ functional performance of daily tasks by promoting remediation of skills including but not limited to: oculomotor function, visual attention, visual scanning, and motor processing.

The device was originally designed, built, and programmed by engineering students at The University of Dayton. The original code was written by a student without prior programming experience and is disorganized and not user friendly. My task is to add new features to the existing code and eventually do a complete rewrite.

Features to be added